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Cap-to-Hearthstone Chimney Sweep & Inspect

The National Fire Protection Agency recommends having your masonry or insulated metal chimney inspected annually. In addition to creosote deposits - which typically buildup up to what the NFPA considers dangerous levels within 1-2 years of regular use - each system should be inspected for indications of water or pest intrusion, hardware deterioration and other factors which contribute to the overall health of your chimney system and home. Our services also include a full cleanout, servicing and inspection of your fireplace or woodstove to ensure it continues to run at maximum efficiency.

Propane Stove Annual Maintenance 

Did you know that your propane stove requires ANNUAL maintenance? Manufacturer's specifications require slightly different procedures for each stove, but will typically include disassembly/cleanout of the firebox and inspection of integral parts... and, of course, shining up that glass to keep everything looking good!


Dryer Vent Inspect & Clean 

This is one of the biggest blindspots and largest fire risks for homeowners - and particularly important for landlords and property managers who don't have firsthand understanding of usage/performance. And it's not just about fire risk, often times that ever-soggy load out of the dryer is more to do with the venting than the dryer itself! This service includes a standard inspect/clean of single-story dryer venting and disassembly/cleanout of dryer vent from lint trap to termination hood.

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