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Please take a moment to fill out this form and we'll get you on the list! We will reach out to confirm date and time 7-10 days before the projected appointment date (currently June).

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Systems to be Serviced
Height where chimney(s)/vent(s) exit structure (please check all that apply)
Do you feel safe using the system as-is? (NOTE: Please don't use your system if you have any concerns about it's safety.)
Smokestack Services does not sell new appliances or install chimneys. We can consult with the homeowner/contractor to install units already purchased or connect you with preferred distributors/contractors who sell/install in the islands. Please choose which best fits your situation:
To assist in scheduling, please confirm if we may service your home while you are away, and/or if we should avoid certain days of the week:
What time of day works best for you? (Keep in mind services can be noisy.)
Future Scheduling. No Rush.Not in a Hurry. Sometime Soon.Your Next Available Date Please.I'd Really Like to Get This Done!Working on a Tight Deadline. Please Help!

Thank you for submitting your request! You should receive a confirmation email momentarily. If you don't please reach out @

Interested in services, but not ready to book right now? Consider submitting a request for 'Future Scheduling'. We manage our calendar up to two years out so we can find something that works for you when you're ready. Just fill out the form here and we'll take care of the rest!

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